Northdeer Steel Dumbbells

The ultimate training experience.

Ultra-Compact Size

Northdeer dumbbells are made of steel, compact in size, and easy to grasp. Traditional dumbbells are bulky and limiting in terms of training movements as they often bump into the body during exercise. Using the steel dumbbells, the movements can be more precise, deepening the muscle stimulation and enhancing the training effect.

Innovative Mechanism

Each weight is locked to the next, avoiding the problems of traditional dumbbells in which the weights shake due to a loose nut.

Comfortable Foam Handle

The foam handle is comfortable, non-slip, reduces hand pain caused by heavy weight.

One Dumbbell, Multiple Weights

No need to buy multiple dumbbells as one dumbbell can be adjusted to multiple weights at home. With its no nut design, just unscrew the plates to quickly adjust the weight.

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Removable Rubber Rings

The attached rubber rings can be easily put on the weights to protect the floor.

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Connecting Bar

Make your dumbbells into barbell.


Weight Plates

Expand your dumbbell weight.



What is the weight distribution? How much is the each of the weights?

You can find the details here.

Are the different weight set plates interchangeable?

Yes. The threads are the same, so you can get more combinations between the different weight sets. But you can only attach the middle weights, which have external and internal threads.

Are the foam handles durable?

Yes. But you don't need to worry, because the foam covers can be replaced. If you need replacement, please contact us.

Does the 25kg set have the same foam handles?

No. The foam handles are too soft for the heavy weight. The knurled steel handles are more suitable, so you can get a full control of the dumbbells.